Southern Spanish coast ravaged by floods

by Lorraine Williamson

MOTRIL – The Spanish Weather Institute warned about the weather for a reason. After a heavy episode of mud rain on Thursday evening and night in southern Spain, fallen trees, floods along the beaches, and power outages followed on Friday. 

Floods on the beach, a multitude of fallen trees, damaged greenhouses, collapsed power poles with subsequent power outages! Furthermore, mud everywhere from the dust of the Sahara in the air combined with the rain. These are just some of the incidents that authorities have recorded in recent hours. Moreover, this is in various spots on the coast of the province of Granada. Strong gusts of wind were the cause. 

No coastal defense system 

Once again, according to the newspaper Granada Hoy, the devastating consequences of the lack of a coastal defense system are showing. A good system can help prevent most damage. 

Poniente Beach Motril flooded 

The regeneration recently carried out by the Directorate General of Coasts on the Poniente beach in Motril has been of little use. This can be seen from the completely flooded and impassable promenade of Arenal. Currently, several machines in the area are working. This is to open a path through which all the collected water can flow into the sea. 

Beaches away in Albuñol 

It is not only Motril that has been affected by the storm. Albuñol residents are once again seeing their beaches disappear again and again. This, despite several actions by the local authorities to restore this point of the Costa Tropical. 

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Damaged greenhouses and power lines 

In addition, several greenhouses in the area were (partially) destroyed by the fallen trees. Due to the same cause, several residents are without electricity and internet because the trees have hit cables. 

Emergency services worked “overtime” 

The incidents began to occur Thursday evening due to the strong wind gusts. The local police in Motril advised residents to use public roads as little as possible. Therefore, according to them, the emergency services were working “overtime” to resolve all registered incidents. 


Finally, the day was characterised by the terracotta color of the Sahara sand, which covered the entire coast through heavy rain showers under a milk chocolate brown. 

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