Shocking in Spain: Bulls released amidst children’s parade

by Lorraine Williamson
bulls loose during parade

GATA DE GORGOS – Panic struck the residents of Gata de Gorgos in Alicante on Sunday, July 30, as nine bulls were unexpectedly let loose during a parade that included costumed children and parents with their young ones. 

The bulls, which were slated for the ‘bous al carrer’ (‘bulls in the street’) event, were meant to be released after the parade’s conclusion. However, due to a miscommunication, they were set loose prematurely, leading to chaos and panic among participants and onlookers. 

The dramatic event, where the bulls interrupted the procession, was captured on camera by multiple bystanders. The local newspaper Levante, points to a communication mishap for the untimely release of the bulls. They were scheduled for release at 7.00 pm by the Machancoses livestock farm. 

The Federation of Bous al Carrer noted that a delay by one of the parade committees resulted in them entering the bullring area around 7.20 pm, even though the event was set to commence at 7.00 pm. Warning signals were indeed fired to mark the event’s onset. However, this delay and the ensuing confusion led to the premature release of the bulls while many were still on the streets. 

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Miraculously, there were no reported injuries or property damage. In a statement, the Gata de Gorgos municipal council and the party committee ensured they’ve taken all essential precautions to avert a recurrence. They expressed gratitude towards the emergency services, civil protection volunteers, and the local police for their swift and efficient response. 

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Public Reaction 

The city council emphasised their resilience, stating that this isolated event wouldn’t dampen the ongoing festivities. Footage of the incident sparked widespread shock on social media. Several users deemed it “a miracle that a larger tragedy was avoided.” 

Animal Rights Advocacy 

Animal rights party, Pacma, commented on X (previously known as Twitter): “Astounding and reckless! During a parade in Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, nine bulls unexpectedly dashed into an area prepped for “bous al carrer,” amidst the ongoing parade. Such events, beyond being reckless, jeopardise our youth and children, as evident in the footage. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and there was no damage. When will this recklessness end?” 

Bull-Related Accidents 

The summer local festivities are often overshadowed by unfortunate, sometimes fatal, accidents during bull-centric events. The latest mishap involved a 58-year-old man grievously wounded during the “bou embolat” in Vall d’Uixó, suffering both a bull’s horn-inflicted stomach injury and burns on his arms and torso. 

Earlier on July 15, a tragic event occurred when an Almàssera resident succumbed to head injuries after a bull attack. The bull had strayed from the neighbouring village of Tavernes Blanques. 

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