Shocking images of young bulls being tortured in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
tortured bulls

PROVINCIA DE SORIA – Animal rights party PACMA has released shocking images of a bullfight that took place on August 17 in Vinuesa, Soria. A group of fans tortured several young bulls during the local parties in the town. 

The hard footage shows a group of young fans constantly defying the calves and stabbing the animals with knives until they decide to kill them. Those efforts also failed “several times,” PACMA said in a statement. “The ear was cut off while the young bull was still conscious.” 

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PACMA further writes that it sees it as its task to make this known to the general public so that society can stand up against this type of animal cruelty. Because these kinds of events with bulls take place with relative discretion. Therefore, it is often difficult to document them. Organisers and participants do not want people to see how the animals are tortured, according to party chairman Javier Luna. 

“A summer to quickly forget” 

The animal party has documented several bullfighting events in what it calls “a summer to quickly forget.” After a long hiatus due to the corona pandemic, numerous bullfighting celebrations have been held all over Spain this year. “They are trying to restore what has been lost. Moreover, bullfighting is being taken to places where it is not even rooted. For example, children are trying to feed children these kinds of parties because they know that bullfighting is becoming less and less popular with each generation.”, says Luna. 

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Bullfighting doomed to disappear 

PACMA states that bullfighting is doomed to disappear. “The arenas are getting emptier and several governments are already forced to raffle or give away tickets because otherwise there will be too little audience. Slowly, and with government injections as the only help, it will eventually lead to the enormous social rejection caused by animal cruelty,” says the animal organisation. 

Hard images 

The party also noted that “it is not easy to get users to watch the videos” because of their explicitness. “We are aware that these are very hard images, but we cannot keep them to ourselves. It is essential that society controls the information itself and can see for themselves what abuses are taking place. Only then can they decide whether animals have to endure this in the name of a culture that is wrongly attributed to us Spaniards,” says Luna. 

Animals “totally unprotected” 

According to PACMA, it is “a scandal” that today “no party is committed to the animals that are victims of bullfighting. They remain unprotected despite the future animal protection law or the reform of the Criminal Code.” 

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Abolition mission 

On September 24, the animal rights party will hold the #MisiónAbolición (Abolition Mission) in Madrid. This is the largest annual anti-bullfighting demonstration. This year it will focus on the return of all bullfighting festivities of various kinds in Spain. 

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