Research in Spain on bull runs for children

by Lorraine Williamson
bull runs

PROVINCIA DE JAéN – Footage circulated via social media shows bleeding young adult bulls limping through the streets of Castellar (Jaén) surrounded by minors. 

Animal rights party Pacma is considering legal action against Castellar (Jaén) city council for allowing an ‘encierro‘ (bull runs) this weekend in which young children accompanied by their parents participated. The images shared by the animal-friendly political formation through their social networks show moments when the heifers run through the streets surrounded by children. 

“It is incomprehensible that a city bases its celebrations on abusing animals and endangering children.” writes PACMA in a statement. “We believe that what happened in Castellar may be a violation, as the regulation of popular bullfighting celebrations prohibits the participation of children under 16. Our images show children who may even be under 10.” 

Bull runs

The events took place during the celebration of the Feria Grande de Castellar, the annual festival that coincides with the day of the patron saint of the village. The festivities were held between 10 and 15 August. According to PACMA, the programming included bullfighting activities such as “adult running of the bulls and all kinds of bullfighting related activities.” 

“Inhumanity and backwardness” worth studying 

PACMA states that these are not the only facts the party wants to expose. They also confirmed that one of the helmsmen of the kinder ‘encierro’ “completely fractured one of the front legs of a young bull when leaving the cage” with the result that “the animal took an hour to recover, bleeding and limping to reach the square”. 



“The Castellar City Council has set an example of inhumanity and backwardness that is worth studying,” the political formation said. PACMA says it is willing to “get to the bottom of the matter” so that “this kind of thing is becoming less and less common in our society; it is incomprehensible that a city bases its festivities on abusing animals and endangering children”. 

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