Section speed control cameras: A closer look

by Lorraine Williamson
section speed radar

In Spain, the roadways equipped with controlled speed sections utilise a sophisticated network of artificial vision cameras. These cameras are strategically positioned at both ends of these sections. They meticulously calculate the average speed of every passing vehicle, enforcing penalties for those exceeding the designated speed limit.

Known as “Section Radars,” these monitoring systems have been operational since 2010. They are prominently deployed across motorways, dual carriageways, and conventional roads, often spanning several kilometres in length.

Section speed radar warnings displayed

To ensure drivers are informed well in advance of approaching a controlled speed section, corresponding warning panels are prominently displayed.

Contrary to the conventional notion of radar devices, such as cinemometers, the Section Radar system relies on a network of cameras that maintain continuous surveillance. As vehicles enter and exit the section, their license plates are captured and identified. A sophisticated computer algorithm then pairs identical license plates. It cross-references their passage times, and subsequently calculates the average speed of each vehicle.

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Average speed

When the computed average speed remains below the designated speed limit for the entire journey through the section, no violation is incurred. However, should the average speed exceed the specified limit, the system automatically generates a violation report for further processing.

This innovative approach to speed control ensures a safer and more efficient driving experience on Spanish roads. Keep an eye out for these Section Radars as you traverse the highways and byways of Spain, and remember to adhere to the posted speed limits to ensure a smooth journey.

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