Search in Spain for the recipients of 20,000 letters not delivered

by Lorraine Williamson
Correos -

PROVINCIA DE ALICANTE – A former postman has been arrested for collecting 20,000 undelivered letters from his home. The letters, which must have been sent in the years 2012 and 2013, were found by a contractor during a renovation of a house in Biar. 

As reported on Friday by the Guardia Civil, the now 62-year-old Spanish man worked as a delivery person. Furthermore, he was on a temporary contract during those two years. However, his employer, the public postal company Correos, discovered that he was not performing his duties correctly. Therefore, the contract was not renewed. He is said to have dutifully clocked in at the central post office in the city from Monday to Friday. There he picked up bags and sacks of mail that had to be delivered. But ultimately, they never reached their destination. 

Mail kept in garbage bags 

This alleged crime of ‘disloyalty in keeping records’ came to light thanks to a report from a builder who was renovating a house in Biar that he had recently purchased. There he found a large number of sealed letters in garbage bags, including official correspondence from government agencies, bills, registered letters and letters from private individuals. 

The Guardia Civil has verified that the more than 20,000 letters must have been distributed in the years 2012 and 2013. The senders were all residents of the same area of ​​Alicante where this man had worked for the Postal Service. 

The letters have been temporarily deposited in post offices and made available to the competent judicial authority. After the arrest, last Wednesday, this man was made available to a court in Villena. 

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