Scottish fugitive asrrested in Málaga for sexual assaults

by Lorraine Williamson
Scottish fugitive

MALAGA – The Guardia Civil has arrested a 55-year-old Scottish man in Málaga. He was wanted by Scottish authorities for two sexual assault charges.

The operation began when the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) received an anonymous tip suggesting the fugitive might be living in Nerja, Málaga. The NCA immediately contacted the Central Operative Unit of the Guardia Civil.

Tracing the fugitive

Information from the tip, combined with existing data on the fugitive, indicated a lifestyle closely linked to sports. This allowed agents to trace his activities in Nerja, identifying a well-integrated member of the local sports community as their target. Moreover, he was even using a different identity.

Surveillance and arrest

Once located, the suspect was placed under discreet and continuous surveillance. Confirmation with British authorities verified his identity. He was arrested while practicing calisthenics at a beach sports area in Nerja.

Charges and background

Described as dangerous by Scottish Police, the suspect is accused of sexually assaulting two women he met through a dating app. His trial in Scotland was suspended as he fled the country in 2022. Authorities had found his car by a lake, initially suggesting a possible disappearance. Later investigations confirmed he had fled to avoid arrest.

Collaborative effort

The investigation was conducted by the Fugitive Tracking Team of the Guardia Civil’s Central Operative Unit, in collaboration with the NCA and Scottish Police Force.

Legal Proceedings

The detainee was brought before the National Court, which ordered his imprisonment pending extradition to the UK.

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