Saturday will be the hottest day of the summer in Valencia

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencia summer temperatures

VALENCIA – Bizarrely warm nights with temperatures of 30 degrees and daytime temperatures approaching 45 degrees Celsius prompt the Spanish weather institute AEMET to activate code orange throughout the province of Valencia. 

That’s Friday. For Saturday, the same code (important risk) also applies to most of the provinces of Alicante. The temperatures announced by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) will be “hell”, the newspaper reports. This adds that even for the biggest lovers of summer heat, these temperatures in Valencia will be disappointing. 

Saturday will be the hottest day of this summer. The days before and after could also be suffocating. The latest summer heatwave will begin in Valencia on Friday due to the arrival of a DANA (high-level isolated depression). Paradoxically, it will cool the atmosphere in the west of the peninsula. However, in the east it will bring in a mass of warm air and also carry a large amount of dust with it. 

Extreme heat for Friday and Saturday 

On Friday, August 12, the entire province will be in an emergency due to the extremely high temperatures expected. It will be warmest between 1.00 pm and 9.00 pm Code orange remains active all day long. Meteorologists predict that temperatures above 40 degrees in the shade will be recorded in almost the entire territory. AEMET warns that the highest values ​​will be experienced in the pre-coastal areas and especially in La Safor and the vicinity of Xátiva. 

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Wind chill 

But whatever the thermometer shows, the worst will be the wind chill. In many places, including in the city of Valencia, it will increase and the heat will also persist at night. The perceived temperature in many places does not drop below 31 degrees Celsius, even in the early morning. 

High humidity 

In addition, high humidity of more than 70 degrees, only increases the sticky feeling. The next day doesn’t get any better. In fact, along the coast, values ​​around 44 degrees are also announced during the central hours of the day and, basically, from noon to sunset. 

In Alzira it will be 42 degrees in the shade and in Xátiva the mercury can reach 44 degrees in the afternoon. It may not drop below 30 degrees until five o’clock in the early morning. So AEMET expects Saturday to be the hottest day of summer yet. 

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