Restaurant fires – two in two days

by Lorraine Williamson
restaurant fires


COSTA DEL SOL – Yesterday morning at around 5.30am saw the beautiful Olivia´s La Cala restaurant up in flames. Today, a little further down the coast, there was a second of restaurant fires. This time La Pesquera del Faro at Puerto Deportivo in central Marbella.

UPDATE: According to an owner from another bar in the port, the fire at the popular seafood chiringuito started around 5pm this afternoon (Tuesday). At the time, the bar was closed to the public, however it was reported to have had lights on earlier in the day. The fire seems to have been the result of an electrical fault on a motor of a fish fridge in this second of restaurant fires. The fireman caught the fire in time, and only some inside areas have been affected. The restaurant is open again for business.

Firemen had to break down the doors

Restaurant fires

The beach-front building was engulfed in smoke and flames before firemen arrived on the scene. The inside of the restaurant looked destroyed. Firemen had to break down the doors to gain access to enable them to control the blaze.  No further information is known at this time.

Cogesa Expats

Claimed as an arson attack

Only yesterday, Olivia´s La Cala was destroyed by fire.  Former TOWIE celebrity, Elliot Wright and his wife were owners of the restaurant. According to Wright, “his dream has been completely destroyed, absolutely destroyed”. Elliot believes it was an attack of arson. He hopes to rebuild the famous restaurant as soon as he can. Rebuilding work began immediately.

Elliot Wright of Olivia´s La Cala commented on instragram

Restaurant fires

Due to the pandemic and restrictions, it has difficult enough for restaurant owners to keep afloat. Tragic for the owners and staff of these two restaurant fires to have happened just as we can almost see light at the end of the tunnel.

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