Red weather alert due to heat in Andalucia, Extremadura and Galicia

by Lorraine Williamson
red weather alert

MADRID – The second heat wave of the season has started with high temperatures almost all over the country. In some areas, it is getting so hot that the weather institute Aemet warns the population a red weather alert: ‘extreme risk’ during normal activities. 

To be precise, code red applies to the area around the Andalucian city of Seville. Temperatures in this basin of the Guadalquivir have always been relatively high. However, now, due to maximums of around 45ºC, Aemet is giving code red. 

Red weather alert

The second area for which weather alert code red has been set in Spain due to extremely high temperatures is part of the province of Badajoz in the region of Extremadura. The area in question is referred to as Vegas de Guadiana and forms the basin of the River Guadiana. 

Finally, even a piece of Galicia gets a code red to warn the population of unusually high temperatures. In the interior of the Ourense province flows the river Miño and there the mercury rises to 42ºC on Wednesday. 

For Thursday, the same areas, but larger, will receive the red weather alert for high temperatures. For Friday, Aemet will no longer give a code red. However, orange alert will cover almost the entire west of the Spanish interior. Around this, the country turns yellow (risk) and only the Mediterranean coasts in the east and south of the country remain free of warnings because temperatures there remain somewhat moderate. It only gets warmer on the coast of Cádiz, that of western Galicia, Almeria, and southern Valencia. The rest of the coastal area will not receive a weather code. 

High temperatures continue

However, a real temperature drop won’t be noticed until next Monday 18, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). 

Aemet warns that despite the stabilisation of maximum temperatures expected, the minimum will continue to rise throughout the week, reaching temperatures above 26 degrees in much of Spain. 

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This heat episode comes after one of the “earliest” heat waves in Spain last June since records were kept. Nearly ten days of highs across the country that set records in many parts of the peninsula. 

The heat wave this week is expected to set new records across much of the country. Aemet has already warned that temperatures this summer would be higher than in other years and rains would be below average. 

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