Political barometer Spain: PSOE and Vox support grows

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Political barometer shows change is in the air

Cumulatively, right-wing parties overtake the left block in Spain, according to the latest political barometer from the Spanish centre for sociological research CIS.

The effects of the Catalan elections of February 14th are evident in the barometer’s reading.

Support for both PSOE and Vox grows in the polls, whilst that for Podemos drops according to the CIS barometer conducted between March 1st and 11th. This means the vote of no confidence in Murcia, the implosion of Ciudadanos resulting in the early elections in Madrid, the departure of Pablo Iglesias from Spanish central government and his candidacy as regional president in the Madrid elections on 4th May have no effect in this survey.

PSOE and Vox on the rise in Spain

This barometer shows that the PSOE is still more than 13% ahead of the Partido Popular (PP). The voting intention for Pedro Sánchez is 31.3%. Meanwhile, voter intention regarding  Pablo Casado decreases by 9 points to 17.9%. Vox is coming up behind PP fast at 15%; showing the election win in Catalonia is likely to have an effect on a national level as well.

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See all the results in the article by El Confidencial.

Podemos and Partido Popular are losing support in Spain

What is clear, is Podemos is losing significant support. In the 2019 elections, Podemos collected 12.8% of the Spanish votes, now the political barometer indicates a drop to 9.6%. This places them almost on par with Ciudadanos (9.5%). 

In summary, it can be seen that there is a shift between two ideological blocks compared to the barometer of February. The PP, Vox and Ciudadanos as the right-wing block have more votes (42.4%) than the left-wing group of Podemos and PSOE (40.9%). However, the elections in Madrid may shine a new light on voter intentions in May.

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