Picasso worth €420,000 intercepted at Ibiza airport

by Lorraine Williamson
Picasso at the airport

IBIZA – Employees encounter all kinds of things at airport security checks. The same goes for the customs officers. What they had not expected, however, was to encounter a real Picasso at Ibiza airport. 

They found the work in the luggage of a man of Swiss nationality. If it turns out to be a work by the Spanish master, experts say it represents a value of €420,000.

Refused to declare

The employees of the Tax and Customs Service of the Guardia Civil at Ibiza airport made their remarkable Picasso discovery last Tuesday. The Swiss traveller had refused to declare the work because, according to him, it was a fake painting. However, airport workers saw indications that the work could be a real Picasso. Therefore, they confiscated it to verify its originality. 

False purchase invoice

According to the sources, the passenger tried to let the work go through customs without reporting it to the agents. The man tried to pass the check by showing a false purchase invoice. During the inspection, however, the agents found another – probably original – invoice for a higher price. 

Cogesa Expats

Original Picasso painting at Ibiza airport?

The Guardia Civil confirmed on Saturday that if it were an original work by Picasso, it would be worth €420,000. They point out that any work of art with a value of more than 150,000 euros must be declared. 

Possible smuggling

If authorship is confirmed, the passenger whose alleged Picasso was seized could face a felony of smuggling and a penalty for an administrative violation. According to police sources on the island, the investigation into this will take at least a month. 

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