Pay attention if you want to visit the Caminito del Rey in Málaga this summer

by Lorraine Williamson
visit Caminito del Rey

ALORA – Tickets to visit the immensely popular Caminito del Rey in the southern Spanish province of Málaga are selling out quickly. That applies to weekends and to the best hours mid-week to take the hike through the gorge. 

If you want to have something to choose from in that regard, go to the official website of the famous ‘Path of the King’ as soon as possible next Tuesday and reserve your entrance. Tickets can then be booked from June 1 to November 6. However, on Thursday, April 7, travel agencies and other institutions that offer organised tours can reserve tickets. 

Prices to visit Caminito del Rey 

The prices are still the same as before; €10 for a normal entrance ticket and €18 if you choose to be accompanied by a guide. The Caminito del Rey can be walked from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. 

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Parking and transfer bus Caminito del Rey 

New this year is that from June 20 you can also reserve a parking space together with your entrance ticket. The Diputacion of the province of Málaga announced this in a press release. With the booking of the ticket, you can also pay in advance for the transfer bus that takes you from the end of the linear hiking trail back to the start of the route. 

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The walk is just over 7 kilometres long. You walk 3 kilometres through the gorge Los Gaitanos, which is carved by the river Guadalhorce. The path is attached to a perpendicular rock face at a height of about 100 metres in the most spectacular parts. The natural environment is beautiful. 

Opened by the king 

Constructed the path to transport gear through the difficult gorge necessary for the construction of the hydroelectric power station in El Chorro. Since King Alfonso XIII opened it at the beginning of the last century, it has since been called the King’s Path – El Caminito del Rey. 

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After the path fell into disuse, it became increasingly less passable and therefore more dangerous. Some parts fell away, steel fasteners came loose, and eventually, only mountaineers with special equipment could walk the path. After the umpteenth fatal accident, the authorities decided to close the path to prevent more misery. 

In March 2015, after extensive renovation, El Caminito del Rey was opened to the public. Now everyone can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the special views of the gorge again. 

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