Package deal: book a train ticket and Parador at once

by Lorraine Williamson
train and Parador

MADRID – The Spanish chain of state hotels Paradores started a collaboration with the railway company Renfe during the holiday fair FITUR in Madrid. The companies will jointly offer packages that combine train travel and accommodation in the Parador hotel network. 

The aim is the traveller can plan his or her trip more extensively and more comfortably. The hotel-inclusive train travel offers are valid until December 31, 2023 and only apply to AVE and long-distance train tickets from AVE, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity. The agreement also includes several joint promotions. The emphasis will be placed on, for example, the gastronomic offer of the state hotels. 

Different customer segments 

Both Renfe and the Parador chain defend that the partnership will promote tourism in different customer segments such as MICE (fairs and conferences), families or the elderly. Pedro Saura, president of Paradores, emphasised during the presentation of the plan that this agreement means an improvement in the customer experience. “With a single purchase, the customer is able to travel and arrive immediately at a hotel”. 

Positive expectations 

Paradores achieved its record turnover of €310 million in 2022. However, thanks to the implementation of a new strategic plan to strengthen its business model, the hotel network expects to increase its billing by no less than 32% by 2028. The public hotel company also plans to increase its workforce by more than 100 employees in five years. 

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Why are Parador hotels so special? 

Parador hotels are often located in historical or culturally significant buildings, such as castles, monasteries and fortresses. They are known for their charming and traditional architecture and for their quality service and amenities. In addition, many Paradores are located in a picturesque location, such as on mountain tops, directly on the coast or in the middle of historic city centres. Some Paradores are small museums in their own right, for example the Parador in Santiago de Compostela. Said to be the ‘oldest hotel in Spain’, this is a beautiful historic building overlooking the cathedral in a former hotel/hospital. The hotels of the state chain are very popular among tourists who want to experience Spanish culture and history in a comfortable way. 

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