One in five young Hispanic men think gender-based violence doesn’t exist

by Lorraine Williamson
gender-based violence

MADRID – As many as 20% of young men in Spain believe the concept of ‘gender-based violence‘ does not exist and is merely an ‘ideological fabrication‘. Howeverone in five young women in Spain is forced into unwanted sexual acts. 

These conclusions are drawn from the Youth and Gender Survey (Barómetro Juventud y Género 2021). It was carried out by the Reina Sofía Centre for Adolescence of the FAD dedicated to youth development in Spain. 

Less traditional views on gender equality in Spain 

The organisation says there has been tremendous progress regarding traditional views on the struggle for gender equality among Hispanic youth. However, despite this, young women and men do not agree on all points of view on this issue. 

Gender-based violence a social problem 

Furthermore, one of these concerns the perception of gender-based violence. According to the survey, more girls (74.2% of those surveyed) regard this form of violence as a very serious social problem. Whereas, this percentage hardly exceeds 50% among young men. 

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The FAD even warns of the rising percentage of young men who completely deny the problem of gender-based violence. In 2017, 10% of young men in Spain believed this problem did not exist. However, this year the figure has doubled and 20% of men believe that gender-based violence is fabricated. 

Hispanic women suffer more

During the survey, young women and men were asked what forms of violence or intimidation they had encountered. This showed young women are still much more likely to experience gender-based violence or harassment than young men. As many as one in five young women has been forced into an unwanted sexual relationship or acts in the past. 

The most frequently mentioned cases when it comes to gender-based violence or harassment are checking the mobile phone (59.7% for women and 38.7% for men); checking what the partner does (54.5% for women and 28.4% for men); determine with whom the other is allowed to talk or go out (51.6% for women and 23.5% for men) and to insult and humiliate the partner (49.8% for women and 23.5% for men). 

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