Nudism allowed again on the beaches of Cádiz

by Lorraine Williamson
nudism allowed on some beaches

PROVINCIA DE CáDIZ – After 12 years of banning nudism on the beaches of Cádiz, swimwear is now allowed to take off again. The city council has drawn up a new regulation to welcome naturists to its beaches again. 

This also applies to the city beaches. However, specific areas for this practice will be delineated. Diario de Cádiz writes that the new regulation for the use and management of the beaches states that “all beaches in the municipal district are open to anyone who wants to use them, regardless of the clothes they wear”, or the lack of those. clothes so… 


This section is in complete opposition to the regulations adopted in 2009. Then, it explicitly banned naturism “on beaches considered to be urban”, such as Playa de la Caleta, Playa de Santa María del Mar and Playa la Victoria. 

However, the city council of Cadiz has clarified that in this new regulation specific areas will be demarcated for nudists. Those areas will be made visible using clear signage for this purpose. Tourist offices and other communication channels of the municipality will also communicate clearly about the change. 

Green light

The decision to give the green light to nudism has been promoted by the city council.  And, furthermore, it has gone ahead thanks to the abstention of PSOE and Ciudadanos. Only PP was against. 

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