Extreme heat marks this week in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
extreme heat

Very warm days are forecast in Spain this week. According to the Spanish weather service, the month of May will end with record temperatures towards the weekend and with extreme heat and peaks of up to 44 degrees in the south and centre of Spain. 

Intense heat is the main focus in Spain this week, the Spanish news site RTVE.es wrote on Monday evening. Tuesday starts with sun in almost all of Spain. Only in the northwestern part of the Iberian peninsula it is still cloudy this day. 

Increasing temperatures in Spain from Tuesday 

Temperatures will rise across the board from Tuesday and are already approaching 30 degrees in the south and in a strip to the north of Spain on this day. Only the western part and along the Mediterranean Sea, temperatures remain between 20 and 25 degrees. Later in the day, temperatures in Granada and Lleida will rise even further towards 35 degrees. In general, Tuesday will be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than normal for the time of year. 

Wednesday already towards 40 degrees in the south and centre of Spain 

The heat will continue on Wednesday and it will be almost 10 degrees warmer than normal in May almost everywhere in Spain. In the Pyrenees, the Valle del Ebro and the eastern interior of Spain, the mercury is even 15 degrees higher than normal. In a strip from south to northeast of Spain, temperatures do not fall below 30 degrees. Furthermore, in Zaragoza and in Córdoba, the Aemet expects temperatures of up to 38 degrees. 

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Thursday first day above 40 degrees 

On Thursday, the Spanish weather service expects another tropical day where temperatures are getting higher and higher. The Aemet expects on this day that it will be warmer than 40 degrees in some places. An example of this is in the Valle del Guadalquivir. In some parts of Andalucia, Extremadura and the Valle del Ebro, the first tropical night is also expected on Thursday to Friday as it probably won’t get any cooler than 24 degrees. 

Spanish weather service expects new heat records from Thursday 

By the end of the week, heat wave-worthy temperatures are expected in several places in Spain. The Aemet even expects heat records to be broken. On Friday, the Spanish weather service is expecting a small-scale DANA off the west coast of the peninsula that will cause significantly high temperatures in the Valle del Guadalquivir and the areas around the Tagus and Guadiana. 

Weekend extreme heat in much of Spain 

With the end of the working week, the heat is far from over in Spain. On Saturday, the Aemet even expects 44 degrees in the Valle del Guadalquivir and in Extremadura. On Saturday and Sunday it will be between 36 and 40 degrees in many places in the south and a large part of the interior of Spain. 

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