New Spanish corona measures are hopeful for Easter

by Lorraine Williamson
Easter Semana Santa

MADRID – The Spanish government is meeting with the regions to develop a common plan of corona measures for Easter. However, the most important approach is to prevent a new wave of infections. 

Easter holidays

The Holy Week before Easter this year takes place from March 28 to April 4. And, in normal years is always the start of the high tourist season in Spain. Accordingly, the government knows how very important it is to confirm new measures and restrictions as soon as possible. 

In view of declining corona rates in various areas in Spain, Health Minister Carolina Darias emphasised the importance of de-escalation as carefully as possible. According to Darias, there is a ‘great sensitivity’ to reach agreement on the measures to be taken. This she said after the Inter-territorial Council of the national health system. 

Public Health Committee Easter proposals

An agreement was reached during recent meetings requesting proposal documents from the Public Health Committee regarding the Easter restrictions. This also in view of the ‘undesirable increase’ of the infections after other periods with relaxation of the measures, as happened after the Christmas period. 

‘Still a long way to go’ 

Spain has left the “extreme risk” coronavirus category with incidence rates now below 250 per 100,000 population. However, as Darias pointed out “there is still a long way to go” to reach an incidence of 50 cases over 14 days. “We are on the way,” she added. This is positive news, but we are not out of the danger zone quite yet.

Vaccination process

The Spanish government is still aiming to hit the target of 70% of the population to have been adminstered inoculations by the summer.

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