National Geographic names this village the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca

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The Valencia region has long been a favourite holiday destination, not just for foreign tourists but also for Spaniards seeking respite from the inland heat during the summer months. This region is home to some of Spain’s most picturesque spots, including a village on the Costa Blanca that National Geographic recommends visiting in July.

A Mediterranean paradise

The village of Altea, located on the Costa Blanca, is described by National Geographic as a Mediterranean paradise and a must-visit destination. With its charming, well-preserved historic centre, it stands out as one of the jewels of the Valencia region.

The charm of Altea

Altea is celebrated for its narrow, cobblestone streets and white-washed houses that perfectly capture the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. These features have earned Altea the title of “the most beautiful village to visit in July” according to the prestigious publication.

Discovering Altea’s beauty

National Geographic’s travel website recently highlighted Altea’s beauty, detailing why the village is particularly appealing in July. The warm but not overwhelming summer climate makes it an ideal destination for strolling along the promenade or exploring the hilltop centre’s narrow streets at any time of the day. In the evenings, the illuminated streets and buildings create a magical ambiance.

Moorish influences

church altea

One of the key highlights mentioned is Altea’s old town. The white-washed houses and cobbled streets provide a picturesque setting, centred around the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo. Known for its iconic blue domes, the church sits atop a hill, earning Altea the nickname “the dome of the Mediterranean.” The town’s architecture and culture prominently reflect Moorish influences.

Stunning views

stunning views from Altea

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from various vantage points in Altea, such as those at Plaza de la Iglesia. These panoramic vistas, coupled with the village’s charming atmosphere, offer an unforgettable experience. The harmonious blend of tourists and locals enhances the village’s authentic feel.

Events and attractions

While July is an excellent time to visit Altea, the village hosts special events throughout the year. One of the summer’s highlights is the Castell de l’Olla, an impressive fireworks display over the Mediterranean Sea, held on 10 August. This event attracts many visitors and provides a spectacular conclusion to a summer evening in Altea.

Art enthusiasts will also find plenty to appreciate with numerous galleries and artistic boutiques, particularly around the church area.

Located in the Marina Baixa, Altea continues to captivate visitors with its Mediterranean charm and historical beauty. If you’re looking for a place where summer feels extra special, Altea is the perfect destination this July.

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