More than half of Spain’s energy production comes from renewable sources

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In 2023, for the first time, 30% of global energy production will have come from renewable energy. Spain was one of the leading countries in this area, with more than half its production coming from renewable sources.

This puts Spain on the map worldwide as a pioneer in the transition to sustainable energy sources, mainly solar and wind energy. Spain also appears to be the eleventh country in the EU with the least CO2 emissions.

Important milestones in solar and wind energy

Spain ranks third worldwide in terms of energy production from solar panels per capita. Only Australia and the Netherlands produce more solar energy per capita. The country is also doing well in the field of wind energy: it is seventh in the world rankings of wind energy producers. Broadcaster LaSexta notes in this context that it is remarkable since the first photovoltaic solar power plant and the first wind power plant in Spain were opened only forty years ago.

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EU has made good progress in sustainable energy production

The EU is, on average, one of the areas on earth that has made the most progress in achieving its objectives. Renewable energy sources currently account for 44% of total electricity production. This is partly due to the important progress that has been made when it comes to solar energy. In this sense, it is estimated that Europe could switch to around 70-72% renewable electricity by 2030.


Despite the impressive growth and development of renewable energy installations in Spain, there has been resistance and challenges. Not all locations where renewable energy projects have been set up have always been well received.

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