Miguel Cano bar reopens after horrific Marbella incident

by Lorraine Williamson
Shooting in Marbella

The Casa Blanca tavern is number 1 Avenido Miguel Cano. And was therefore the business most affected by the Marbella incident when the driver rammed his car into innocent people on Monday afternoon. It was a miracle that everyone survived!

Those who were injured were transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital and Malaga Hospital.  However, all but two have now been discharged. Of the two remaining, it is thought one was seriously injured and was admitted to ICU for observation.  And the other person has undergone tests.

As reported by diariosur.es one patient has a fractured tibia. Whereas, the most seriously injured, is suffering abdominal trauma, and remains under observation in the Intensive Care Unit.

According to El Pais, the perpetrator has tested negative for alcohol and drugs. And sources of the investigation confirmed although the driver suffers from a mental health issue, and is on medication, this does not affect his ability to drive

Full of people

The terraces of Miguel Cano are normally full of people having tapas or lunch at this time of the day. It was Monday around 3.20pm the car was driven through the terraces before crashing into an entrance to apartment buildings.

Yesterday, the business reopened, and manager, Jorge Martín released a statement on social media.

Marbella incident miracle

“It has been a miracle”. Fortunately, no customers or pedestrians in the area died.

“Today we open again, and we ask for support and warmth to all our staff who will once again be available to attend you,” the manager stated.

They explained they experienced “one of the worst episodes” in their 25-year career in the hospitality business.

“We could never imagine such atrocity,” they point out, adding that they are still “perplexed” by what happened. Futhermore, many of the staff have been unable to sleep for thinking of those injured, including Martin.


The manager continued, they appreciate the “collaboration and agility of both citizens and our employees in their care for the injured and in calling 061.”

They also thank the National Police, Local Police, and the Fire Department “for their impeccable performance, speed and support”, as well as the health services “for their important work.” And, to the cleaning services who had to clean and “erase the scene of horror.”

Witnesses earlier said the man driving the car was not alone in the vehicle. And since then, others have stated his parents were with him.

The investigation is ongoing.

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