Mercadona product recalled due to food alert

by Lorraine Williamson
product recalled

MADRID – The Ministry of Consumption has recalled a product from Mercadona due to a food alert issued by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition. 

The advice to those who have the product at home is to take it back to the store. In a statement, the agency says the product concerned is the neutral gelatin of Hacendado, Mercadona’s private label. This cannot be used due to the possible presence of Salmonella. 

The health warning was sent by the health authorities of the Autonomous Community of Madrid “concerning the presence of Salmonella in neutral gelatin sheets from Germany of the brand Hacendado.” AESAN published the alert also on Twitter. 

Mercadona product recall

According to the statement, “the company marketing the product in Spain has issued an official statement on its website to withdraw the product concerned.” 

The details of the recalled product concerned are: 


Brand Name: HACENDADO 

Cogesa Expats

Appearance of the product: Pack of 12 sheets 

Batch number: A11054/01 

Preferential consumption date: 04.27.2027 

Unit weight: 20g 

Gelatin is mainly used in the preparation of desserts and the price is €0.99, which is €49.50/kg. 

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