Man suspected of assaulting nurse on Madrid Metro arrested by police

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Madrid metro assault on nurse - suspect arrested

A 19-year-old accused of attacking a nurse on the Madrid Metro after an argument over face masks was arrested in the district of Villaverde. Someone known to him reported him to the authorities.

Last Thursday a man assaulted a passenger of the Madrid Metro. A suspect was arrested on Monday afternoon (19th July).

The suspect, aged 19, faces charges of assault as his victim may have lost part of the vision in his eye due to the punch.

Assaulted over request to wear face mask

Reports say the assault on the male nurse occurred after he asked the assailant to put on a face mask. Another passenger recorded the assault. The assailant is seen to punch the nurse in the face. The nurse falls to the ground and brings his hands up to his head.

The victim was wearing sunglasses at the time, which broke and injured his eye. What’s more, the suspect used a knuckle duster when dealing the blow, according to news agency EFE and television network La Sexta.

The arrest took place in the Villaverde district of the Spanish capital. He had changed his hair colour and hidden the rings in his ears to avoid recognition.

Alleged assailant has criminal record

The alleged assailant has a criminal record for offenses such as theft, according to police sources. He was also being sought by courts in Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands and in Alicante.

A person claiming to know the suspect approached the police and provided his personal details. What’s more, investigators took statements from the two people who accompanied the suspect at the time of the assault.

Assault victims undergoes surgery

After the assault, the assailant said to his victim: “Asshole, have no doubts, I hope that you die.” He then left the train at a Metro station. The assault was also captured on the train’s CCTV system. The National Police called on members of the public to help identify the man.

The incident took place at around 10pm on Thursday night at the Alto del Arenal Metro station on Line 1 of the network. An ambulance crew stabilised the nurse, before taking him to the 12 de Octubre Hospital – his place of work.

The victim underwent surgery on Monday, but it is not yet clear whether he has lost part or all of the sight in his injured eye.

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