Málaga gets a new Ferris wheel

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The port of Málaga may get a new Ferris wheel. At least two groups of companies have submitted proposals to install a Ferris wheel about 40 metres high at the entrance to the harbour at the Plaza de la Marina.

This news was confirmed by sources within the business community, the municipality and the Port Authority of Málaga. This would give booming Málaga a new attraction and visual attraction.

New location

The previous Ferris wheel stood behind the Muelle de Heredia bus station for years and was dismantled in 2019. However, the corner at the entrance to the harbour from the Plaza de la Marina has now been chosen. This location, close to the Gutiérrez Puerto restaurant, was discussed years ago but rejected by the city planning. But now the municipality is reconsidering its position and the Port Authority supports this use of the site. The previous location was met with protest from local residents who saw their privacy violated because people looked into their living rooms from the Ferris wheel.

Phased approach

The plan’s approach will be phased. In the first phase there will be a temporary installation for a period of one year. It has the option to be extended for another 12 months. Depending on the social response and support from citizens and visitors, a public tender will then take place for a permanent, larger version of the Ferris wheel. Some palm trees may have to be moved to other parts of the port area.

Benefits of the new location

The new location has no neighbouring residents who could experience inconvenience, as was the case previously. The possible noise pollution will be dampened by the nearby park. However, the Ferris wheel may have some impact on the view from the Málaga Palacio hotel.

First Ferris wheel

The previous, controversial Ferris wheel stood behind the bus station for almost four years (from 2015 to 2019). During this period it became a visual icon of the city centre. It was popular with photographers, especially at night when it was illuminated. The Ferris wheel was also included as an attraction in all tourist information. The city planning was initially opposed, but it was later revised. The Ferris wheel’s removal was accelerated by structural problems and the need to move heavy vehicles through a back road, which required an expensive retrofit.

After the 2020 pandemic, several attempts were made to bring this tourist attraction back to the centre of Málaga. Recently, these initiatives received more support from the local government. No details have yet been announced about when the Ferris wheel will be available.

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