Madrid temporarily halves public transport costs

by Lorraine Williamson
public transport

MADRID – Following the earlier announcement of free short and medium-haul journeys throughout Spain, the Madrid region will soon half the cost of monthly subscriptions for all forms of public transport for a few months. 

Travelling in the Madrid area will be 50% cheaper from September 1 to December 31 this year. Regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced on Monday. The Madrid regional government previously announced that it would bear 30% of the costs of transport tickets. But now an additional 20% will be added. 

This specifically concerns the purchase of a monthly subscription. However, it does apply to all forms of public transport (metro, buses, Cercanías, etc.) in the Madrid region. 

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50% discount on various subscriptions for travel in Madrid 

According to the price table of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, the cost of a monthly subscription in the said months will be between €27 and €41, depending on the zone in which you travel. The prices of the subscription for young people will also go from €20 to €10 and travel for seniors will cost €1.60 in these months. 

The Madrid regional council will present the reduction in rates to various transport companies and parties this week. They apply from September 1 to December 31, 2022. This arrangement may no longer be extended after January 31, 2023. Therefore, at that time, it must be decided to go back to the old prices or the regional government must use a completely new one. come up with a proposal. 

Free short and medium trips throughout Spain in the same period 

It is not only in Madrid that the regional government is working to combat high inflation and reduce the costs of daily things. In July, Prime Minister Sánchez announced (under certain conditions) free travel for all Spaniards. During the same period, from September to December, short and medium-haul train tickets are free in Spain. 

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