Low pressure area is heading towards Spain: warm temperatures and local DANA on the way

by Lorraine Williamson
low pressure weather - cold but sunny in Marbella

A cold snap and strong winds have caused a weekend with considerable temperature fluctuations in the south of Spain. This weather will continue for the next few days until a low pressure area arrives halfway through the week, resulting in local DANAs. 

A cold wave has caused somewhat colder weather in recent days, especially in the north and centre of Spain. These temperatures will also linger for a while in the central north and northeast of Spain on Monday morning. In the coming days, temperatures in the north and mid-Spain will vary between 4 and 15 degrees. However, there could be frost at night. 

Only in the extreme north and south of Spain does it get around or just above 15 degrees during the day. In the south of Spain, the strong wind, with gusts between 90 and 100 km / h, will continue for the next few days. And, furthermore, code orange and yellow will apply due to the strong wind and high waves. The same weather alerts will also remain in force along the entire Andalucian coast on Tuesday. 

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From Wednesday warmer and local rain due to low pressure area 

As mentioned, this trend will be broken midway through the week with the arrival of a low pressure area in the south of Spain. This low pressure area creates southerly gusts that will push up temperatures. It can feel spring-like in the south of Spain. This area will provide precipitation in the form of local DANAs in the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands and western Andalucia. This will mainly take place on Wednesday. 

After Wednesday, according to Aemet, it is a bit unclear what will happen. However, temperatures are expected to remain higher than normal. The frost will remain limited during the night, but it is not clear whether there will be much rain. For the time being, no more rain is predicted from Thursday. 

Lots of rain but still not enough to replenish water reserves in Spain 

So far this year, from 1 January to mid-February, Spain has had 298 litres of rain per square metre. This amount is only 2% below the average for this period of the year. Unfortunately, this has not lead to major changes in water storage in Spain. The water reserves built up to date are still well below normal values in almost all of Spain. 

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