July 2023 will be the fourth hottest month in Andalucia since 1961

by Lorraine Williamson
July hottest month

SEVILLA – Last July will go down as the fourth hottest month in Andalucia since 1961. The average temperature was 27.7 degrees, which is 1.7 degrees higher than the average. 

The Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet) confirmed this on Thursday. Extreme temperatures above 44 degrees were measured in several places:

  • 44.6 degrees on July 10 in Loja (Granada)
  • 44.8 degrees in Albox (Almería) on the 12th
  • 44.9 degrees in Andújar (Jaén) on the 17th
  • 44.2 degrees on the 19th at Málaga airport was a record temperature

Aemet has indicated via social media that the average of 27.7 degrees in July is only lower than the average temperatures recorded in 2015 (28.5 degrees), 2022 (28.2 degrees) and 2020 (28 degrees) in the region of Andalucia. 

Hot in Malaga and Granada 

In the cities of Málaga and Granada, July was particularly warm with average temperatures of 29.4 and 28.8 degrees respectively. These values exceeded the monthly averages over the reference period (1991-2020) by 3.4 and 2.3 degrees. In the rest of the region, it was considered “very warm”. 

In Almería, the average monthly temperature was 28.5 degrees, which is 2.3 degrees above average; in Cadiz 25.5 (+0.8 degrees); in Córdoba 29.7 degrees (+1.9 degrees); in Huelva 27.4 degrees (+1.6) and in Jaén 29.7 (1.8 degrees higher). 

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Málaga Airport recorded the warmest average temperature (29.5 degrees) for any month in July 2023 since records began in 1942. 

Many days with the warm wind 

The number of days with a warm wind, the ‘terral’, was very high, resulting in eight days in July with a maximum above 36 degrees and 12 days when the minimum temperature was above 25 degrees, Aemet said. 

The terral already caused the thermometers in the capital of Málaga to rise on Tuesday, and the measuring station at the airport recorded the highest temperature in Spain on Wednesday at 42.8 degrees. 

In terms of precipitation, July was particularly dry in Andalucia, with only a few stormy showers in areas on the far eastern side. 

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