Instituto Cervantes in the UK – Cultural programme

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A taste of Barcelona, one of the events run by the Instituto Cervantes in the UK

LONDON – The Instituto Cervantes has a programme of films, documentaries, talks and short films in Spanish. Tonight, there is ‘A taste of Barcelona’.

The Instituto Cervantes is the official Spanish Language and Cultural centre; a non-profit organisation founded by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote Spanish language teaching throughout the world as well as Spain’s co-official languages, in addition to fostering knowledge of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Cultural programme to end of May

The Instituto Cervantes has a cultural programme that runs to the end of May.

Cogesa Expats

Tonight’s event, which starts at 6pm (UK time) is online. The authors of ‘A TASTE OF BARCELONA: The History of Catalan Cooking and Eating’ will talk about the city, its food and how they came to write the book. Registration is free.

London Spanish Film Festival

The London Spanish Film Festival runs from 28th-30th May and showcases films by Spanish directors. The Human Voice, showing on 29th May, is followed by a Q&A with director Pedro Almodóvar and actress Tilda Swinton.

Spanish Courses and more

The Instituto Cervantes has a variety of courses throughout the year, including Spanish language classes. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or more advanced, you can work towards an official certificate or simply learn/improve your language skills.

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