Injured 2-metre blue shark off Ibiza coast

by Lorraine Williamson
blue sharks

IBIZA – It’s an unusual image: a large blue shark close to the coast of Ibiza. The nearly 6-foot (2-metre) shark was in clear water, making its stylised shape easily recognisable by some residents who were there early Monday morning. 

The blue shark swam disoriented at Caló des Moro near Sant Antoni. Consequently, after detecting the presence of the injured animal, several passers-by have according to Periodico de Ibiza notified the authorities. Agents of the Balearic Environment Agency (AMA) then came together with the local police to take a closer look. Furthermore, the area where the shark was spotted was temporarily closed for further investigation. 

Municipal sources confirmed that the blue shark (Prionace glauca) suffered a serious stab wound to the head. Consequently, the animal had to be evacuated from the bathing area by boat. Subsequently, samples were then taken to determine the cause of the wound. 

Blue sharks 

This shark species is common in the waters around the Balearic Islands and is not dangerous. However, on Friday, May 6, another blue shark made an appearance at a beach in Mallorca. They usually only approach shore when injured or disoriented for other reasons. Moreover, it is a large shark, which can grow to about 3 metres in length. 

‘Near Threatened’ 

The animal’s status is “near threatened” according to the World Wildlife Fund. This shark is widely fished worldwide. They are deliberately fished and sold in markets, where their large fins are worth a lot of money. In addition, the blue shark is also regularly caught as a bycatch, when it gets caught in the nets of fishermen who are fishing for other animals. 

Blue sharks are curious predators that live all over the world. The name blue shark, the animal owes to its blue skin. This is unique to sharks, which are usually gray. 

Click here for photos taken by bystanders of the injured shark and published by Periodico de Ibiza. 

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