Ibiza and Menorca want to limit vehicle access this summer

by Lorraine Williamson
vehicle access limit

IBIZA & MENORCA – In order to protect the sustainability of the territory, an agreement has been reached on Menorca to limit vehicle access to the island from this summer. 

It concerns the agreement based on the ‘Menorca Biosphere Reserve Law’ that has been reached between the groups that currently form the government of the Balearic Islands and MÉS per Menorca. It will be voted on in the plenary on 31 January. The number of travellers to the island is increasing every summer and they want to limit this with these regulations. 

The initiators first wanted to introduce the obligation to approve the regulation. That regulation would define the bases on the basis of which the island government could approve this measure. However, this would delay the process to such an extent that the parties have decided to eliminate this requirement. Instead, a flexible procedure is provided that can be ready before the start of the summer season. 

Eldiario.es reports that although the door to the restriction has been opened, the parties confirm that it is possible the initiative will not begin this year. 

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Ibiza doesn’t want cars either 

Ibiza also has a problem with too many cars and will therefore submit a legislative proposal to the government of the Balearic Islands. This bill should allow the authorities to restrict access to the islands for rental cars and campers during the high season. 

Vicent Marí, president of the Consell, explains that there is no room for more vehicles and that control and regulation measures must be introduced. Otherwise, the roads on the island will become completely congested in the months of July and August. That is bad for the tourist image and for the residents who suffer from the annual invasion of tourists in the summer months. 

More cars than people in Ibiza 

According to ElDiario.es, there are more cars than people in Ibiza. The fleet has multiplied by two and a half in the last two decades to more than 150,000 registered vehicles in Ibiza Town. From 65,130 vehicles in 1998 to 154,454 and 2021. The construction of new highways has not relieved traffic. In addition, the road network and the orography of the island are such that these conditions actually encourage the ownership of private vehicles. 

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