“Holiday this summer on Mallorca 33 percent more expensive”

by Lorraine Williamson
Mallorca more expensive

MALLORCA – It was to be expected with the costs rising on all sides. Holidays are also getting more expensive. International media now report that a holiday to the Spanish island of Mallorca is even 33% more expensive. 

Prices on islands are usually already slightly higher than on the Spanish mainland, but in this case all aspects of a trip appear to have increased in price. Starting with flights, but also accommodation and the leisure offers. Specifically, they state that “by 2023 they will be about 33% more expensive than the year before”. 

The later you book tickets, the more expensive 

According to Diario de Mallorca, the basic fare (without luggage, without seat selection or other extras) for a plane ticket to fly to Mallorca from anywhere in Europe practically does not fall below €100. And besides, the later you book, the more expensive it gets. 

The leisure offers hasve also become more expensive. An example of this is the hospitality industry and also other types of venues, such as nightclubs or trips and the rental of boats or surfing lessons. This is largely due to the general increase in costs in recent months. For example, for the Megapark nightclub, the electricity bill alone has already tripled. Those costs have to be recouped somehow. 

Bars and restaurants on the island are in a dilemma, writes TouriNews. The increase in expenses forces them to sell half a litre of beer for a price of more than €5. But the restaurateurs oppose this. The truth is that the price of alcohol in Spain, very cheap compared to the rest of – especially Northern Europe – is a major attraction for tourists. 

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Scarce housing 

All accommodations have also become more expensive. Not just because of the increase in the cost of supplies. In Mallorca, there is also a scarcity of housing. The demand is much greater than the supply. A hotel like Hostal Playa de Palma Höhe Balneario 3 – without a star and not on an all-inclusive basis – is already full for the summer with all rooms occupied. Moreover, not even by tourists, but by employees who work in the tourist sector on the island during the summer months. 


The influx of foreign buyers and the shift to high-end tourism in Mallorca and Ibiza have pushed up house prices and rents on the islands. As a result, many employees can no longer afford a home on the island. Some are therefore already staying in vans or cars. The situation was even described by the influential American Bloomberg. 

In a report, Bloomberg highlights how the success and popularity of the Balearic Islands have doubled its population in recent years. With the help of various factors, this has translated into a housing crisis with price increases of up to 75% in ten years. For local workers, “paradise has turned into a nightmare,” Bloomberg writes. 

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