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Charityy laptop nad computer recycling campaign Malaga

There are many families in Spain that have only one laptop or none at all. That does not make life easy in these modern times. Especially now children and parents often study and work from home.

Residencia Estates, Mobile Service Point, Electron Box and ESpecial Life decided to join forces to create a collecting project. Ratham Girdhari from Mobile Service Point and David Maltby from PC Doctors are involved in the technical part of this campaign. “A lot of people come here with the same question: how do I get all my files deleted from my computer?” says Ratham Girdhari. “Understandable, because after all you don’t want anyone to be able to access your files. The easiest way, although not 100% secure, is to drag everything to the trash, empty it and reset it to factory settings.”

Computer recycling station

“If you want to take your computer to the recycling station, the only secure way to get rid of everything is to pierce the hard drive.” The two techies guarantee people who donate their laptop that they delete everything and overwrite it with a new operating system. The employees of the PC Doctors and Mobile Service Point do such chores almost every day, which normally costs €60 or more. However, for this project they will happily do it for free, simply because they also believe that children in Spain should be able to use their own computer.

After the new operating system is installed with basic Open Office programs in place, children can use the internet and do their homework. “It doesn’t take a lot to do that,” says David Maltby. “People often get rid of a computer because it is no longer as fast or because it has to be able to run heavier programs. The older computers, laptops and tablets are still perfectly usable for basic functions.”

Are all types of PC and laptop useful?

Virtually all types of computers and laptops are recyclable. If the device no longer works at all, the parts can always be used. It also does not matter whether the keyboard or installed operating system is English, everything will be adapted for use by Spanish children. Separate computers or computer screens are also welcome, Ratham and David ensure that the children will receive complete combinations.

Red Cross Málaga

homeschooling with laptop

The Cruz Roja Málaga helps many families who are struggling financially. The moment a family takes that huge emotional step to ask for help to be able to pay the electricity bill or to buy food, the volunteers of Cruz Roja also immediately look at what else the family needs.

For example, they offer guidance to find a job and help children with their homework online. Through the provincial headquarters of the Red Cross in Málaga, the computers, laptops and tablets will be distributed to the children throughout the province.

Cogesa Expats

What can you donate?

– Computers, laptops and tablets of any brand and with operating system IOS after 2007 or Windows 7 and higher.

– Computer screens

– Keyboards and mouse

What else can you do?

Do you have a computer but no working keyboard and mouse to hand in? With a donation of €10 we complete the set for the children.

Drop off points

  1. Residencia Estates, Elviria – Marbella
  2. Mobile Service Point, Elviria – Marbella
  3. PC Doctors, Fuengirola
  4. De Tropen, Vélez-Málaga.

Latest date for handing in 30th September 2021.

Handing over of laptops, computers and tablets:

  1. The first load before the start of the school year
  2. The last ones at the end of October
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