Guardia Civil arrest 2 people with links to the terrorist organisation DAESH

by Lorraine Williamson
suspected terrorists arrested

The Guardia Civil and Moroccan police authorities carried out a joint operation in Morocco and Spain resulting in the arrest of two people allegedly linked to a terrorist organisation.

A joint operation conducted by the Information Service of the Spanish Civil Guard and the Moroccan DGST, under the direction of Central Examining Court No. 2 and the National Court Prosecutor’s Office, has resulted in the arrest of two individuals in the cities of Lleida, Spain, and Nador, Morocco, for their alleged links to the terrorist organisation DAESH.

As part of their efforts to detect individuals involved in terrorist activities at an early stage, the Spanish Civil Guard located two individuals in the province of Lleida whose activities prompted an investigation.

Subsequent inquiries allegedly confirmed the suspects’ connections to DAESH.

Cogesa Expats

Organised crime

The arrested individuals had reportedly benefited from organised crime networks, allowing them access to falsified documentation.

This investigation, initiated in mid-2022, required intensive coordination between intelligence and law enforcement agencies in Belgium and France, with the involvement of analysts from Europol. This collaboration allowed for the gathering of a collection of clues and evidence related to the alleged terrorist activity.

Search and seize

During the operation, a home search was also conducted, resulting in the seizure of computer equipment for further analysis.

The suspect arrested in Spain was brought before the court on Friday, July 21, and has been remanded in provisional custody.

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