German Tourists Willing to Spend More on Summer Vacations

by Lorraine Williamson
German tourists

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, summer travel is becoming more of a possibility. However, this year, travellers should expect to pay more for their vacations. Despite this, German tourists are more than willing to increase their spend to visit their favourite sunny destinations.

A report by the Urlaubsguru platform shows that Germans will spend 23% more on their vacations between June and August this year than they did in 2022. The increase in prices is due to the rising cost of products and services. Additionally, Germans plan to extend their vacations by an additional day, Furthermore, they choose higher-quality accommodations, with most being four-star hotels. 

Mallorca is the most popular destination in Spain for German tourists

Among the most popular destinations for Germans, Mallorca tops the list. German tourists are willing to spend 12% more on their Mallorca vacations this year. Meanwhile, they are willing to pay 44% more for their vacations in Turkey and 40% more for Crete, Greece. Egyptian vacations will see an average increase in spending of 34%. 

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Julius Augustin, Urlaubsguru’s product management director, explained that they are selling higher quality hotels than last year. This is especially in Turkey and Egypt, where it is known for their luxurious accommodations suitable for families. 

Despite the increase in prices, it’s clear that German tourists are eager to travel and experience the joys of summer vacations in Spain again. 

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