Galicia and Portugal plan Europe’s largest cross-border park

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Galicia and Portugal cors border park near rio Miño Pontevedra

Galicia and Portugal are planning the construction of the largest cross-border leisure park in Europe. The park will accommodate lots of greenerycycle paths, and a pedestrian bridge.  Furthermore, it will cement the symbolism of the connection between Spain and Portugal. 

On Tuesday, the Spanish news site Farodevigo wrote the Spanish region and Portugal are planning the largest cross-border recreation park in Europe. A park that will be on both sides of the river Minho. For the time being, the park will be located south of the Pontevedra and the Portuguese O Castelinho and is expected to be called Parque da Amizade (park of friendship). 

Symbol of solidarity between Spain and Portugal 

The recreation park has an area of ​​about 26 hectares.  Furthermore, Galicia and Portugal discussed the construction of a pedestrian bridge and cycle paths that run between Portugal and Spain. In addition, Government Representative Javier Losada of Galicia said that the Galician regional government wholeheartedly supports the joint project. “And with the construction of the bridge, we want to symbolise the bond between the two countries.” 

Involvement of European authorities 

Earlier this week, the (regionalgovernments held talks with various European authorities about the construction of the recreation park and which requirements must be met. The “Visit Rio Minho” project will receive support from European funds. The park and the river cross borders and are located in a very sensitive area from an ecological point of view.  Therefore, it is necessary that all relevant authorities give their advice and consent for the construction of the park. 

Part of an existing green network 

The future recreation park will become part of the existing network of green areas.  And these areas will contribute to natural and cultural values ​​giving a positive effect on the inhabitants. As a result, the pedestrian bridge will ensure that mobility to Portugal will become easier. 


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