Fuengirola Revisited: covering the town’s long history in English

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Fuengiroola Revisited explores the town's history Image by Martin Addison on Flickr.com under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

FUENGIROLA – Saturday, 1st May saw the launch of Fuengirola Revisited by Patrick Meehan in the town’s Salón Varietes theatre. Thorough research highlights the town’s key moments and explains why Fuengirola became the town it is today.

Patrick Meehan moved to Spain twenty years ago and made his home in Fuengirola. Looking forward to a Christmas visit from his family, he carried out research for an exploration of the town’s historic buildings with his son-in-law. Sadly, the trip was cancelled due to an accident on Bristol Airport runway.

What to do with all the research?

Cover artwork by Teresa Henry

Pre-human landscape of Fuengirola by Teresa Henry

It’s the first book in English to traverse the town’s history from Phoenician settlement to today’s tourist hot spot.

Supported by his wife Ali – founder of Costa Women – Patrick spent three years creating the journey into Fuengirola’s past and present. As a foreign observer he has treated the Civil War and ensuing dictatorship years with respect; aware that wounds are still raw.

An interesting and informative launch

At the book launch, Patrick explained he is not a historian. However, he has worked closely with the town hall’s historian to check facts.

Snr Rodrigo Romero Morales, Fuengoirola’s Councillor for Tourism, Culture, Events and Foreign Residents, spoke at the launch, saying: “This is another step in the integration of ex-pats in Fuengirola.

“With over 130 nationalities, it’s like a little United Nations. We want every foreigner to feel at home here in Fuengirola.”

Patrick’s enthusiasm for the subject is clear. From explaining the significance of the five rivers and Sohail Castle’s turbulent history to the advent of the railway and the reason for Fuengirola’s rapid growth from the 1950s onwards, he guided guests at the theatre through the town’s rich tapestry.

As Councillor Morales also said: “The British look back with pride at history, which is not something Spaniards do so well. In the name of the town hall and citizens [of Fuengirola], thank you for writing this book.”

Cover artwork

John Drummond 1979 map on the inside cover

Inside the front and back covers is the 1979 John Drummond map of the town. Artist Teresa Henry created the book’s cover a ‘pre-human landscape’. 

Fuengirola Revisited is a captivating read. The book is available via www.fuengirolarevisited.com, from Salón Varietes in Fuengirola and local bookshops.

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