Floods in Valencia and Alicante on Friday by DANA

by Lorraine Williamson
DANA floods


VALENCIA – Floods were noted on Friday at several points along the Mediterranean coast of the Valencia region as a result of the DANA (high-level isolated depression). Experts fear that this type of meteorological phenomenon will become more frequent. 

According to the forecast, the effects of this DANA would be more noticeable in the north of the Valencian Community and the province of Alicante. But also in the south, several waterspouts have turned streets into rivers in just a few hours, cars have drifted away in the floods, and streets have been completely closed. The night from Thursday to Friday was the worst. 

DANA floods

According to Portal Maestral, 77 litres per square metre were registered in Torrevieja on Friday morning. Many streets have been flooded. A video of the Doña Inés urbanisation clearly shows the consequences. The record amount of 78 litres per square metre fell here. 


Code Orange in the Valencian Community 

Weather code orange on the coast of the Valencian Community and yellow in the rest of the area was filled with heavy and persistent rain on Friday. In 12 hours, at least 60 litres per square metre were reached in Pego (Alicante) until 9.30 am. This is according to information from the provincial department of the national weather agency Aemet. 

The data for the province of Valencia is as follows:

  • Sueca, 58.2 litres
  • Guadassuar, 55.8
  • Picasent, 51.6
  • Algemesi, 50.4
  • Villalonga, 45.8
  • Rotova, 38.8
  • Alzira, 31.4
  • Valencia City, 30.5
  • Real, 30.4
  • Airport Manises, 30.3
  • Turís, 29

In Alicante, the 36.4 l/m2 of Xàbia and the 31.4 of Pinet stand out. 

According to the 112 emergency numbers, 2,257 incidents have been reported in connection with this rainy episode. 265 took place in the province of Castellón, 1,125 in Valencia and 844 in Castellón. During the day, the provincial government of Generalitat updated the weather forecast and issued code orange for Castellón and the coast of Valencia. In Alicante and inland Valencia, code yellow for rain was also in effect code yellow due to storms throughout the Valencia region. 

Cogesa Expats

Gardens and parks in Valencia closed 

The Valencia City Council has decided, given Aemet’s orange weather warning, to close all fenced parks and gardens to the public. The city council recommended through its social networks to avoid wooded areas and to be careful on sidewalks and roads where there are also trees. 

At 9.30 am, the rain and storm were especially heavy in the west and south of the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia. At Manises airport, with a very strong storm, horizontal visibility was 1,000 metres, according to the regional branch of Aemet. In the city of Valencia, 30.5 l/m2 has been registered in the last 12 hours. 

More rain is forecast for Saturday in much of the Valencian Community, southern Catalonia and also the Balearic Islands. This is especially true for the first half of the day. Later the rains will recede and the weather will become calmer with pleasant temperatures for the time of year. 

Higher temperatures in some areas again 

Nighttime temperatures will rise across most of the country on Saturday but will drop again on Sunday. In most of the interior of the peninsula, the minimum will be below 10ºC. The higher temperatures are especially noticeable on the coasts, in the Ebro Delta and the Guadalquivir valley and on the islands. Frost is only expected at certain points in the Pyrenees.

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