New DANA with persistent rain arrives in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
persistent rain

MADRID – A new high-level isolated depression (DANA) arrives in Spain and is particularly vexing in the Valencian region and the Balearic Islands on Thursday evening and Friday. Until Sunday, there will be persistent rain in the Mediterranean regions of Spain.

Apart from the precipitation, it will be warm in Andalucia for a while with temperatures of around 25 degrees. The Spanish weather agency Aemet warns the population in the mentioned regions to stay away from the riverbeds, which are normally dry but can now face large water flows as a result of the intense and persistent rain. Aemet spokesman Ruben del Campo also advised that outdoor activities and celebrations be changed. 

On Thursday, a lot of rain fell in Mallorca and the province of Barcelona. The showers lasted all day and extended to the regions of Valencia and Murcia. Slightly cloudy skies are expected throughout the rest of the peninsula, with fog at dawn and daytime temperatures set to rise, especially in the eastern coastal region of Spain. Where it is cloudy and raining, the mercury will indicate lower values. 

Weather forecast for Friday 

On Friday during the day, the DANA will be in the south of the peninsula and the Mediterranean with very humid sea breezes. The rain showers and storms are especially heavy in Valencia. It is estimated that in the region of Valencia at least 80 litres of water/m2 will fall in 12 hours. 

In the rest of the area, partly cloudy skies are expected with a chance of fog banks in the morning. The fog could be more intense in certain parts of the plateau, so be careful when driving. 

Temperatures, in turn, will drop in the Mediterranean and remain the same in the rest of Spain. In the Bay of Biscay, Catalonia, the southern Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands, the western third of Andalucia and southern Extremadura, it will be well above 20 degrees in the middle of the day.  

Changeable weather on Saturday 

On Saturday, weather instability, marked by stormy showers, will continue in the Mediterranean regions, in the south of Catalonia and the Valencia region. These showers tend to decrease in the second half of the day. Precipitation will be less intense than on Friday. However, showers can be intense locally. Showers in Aragon, the rest of Catalonia, the vicinity of the central system and the Balearic Islands are also not excluded. In the rest of the country, slightly cloudy skies with many fog banks prevail. 

It’s getting warmer again 

Daytime temperatures will rise especially across the peninsula. It will reach above 20 degrees in the Bay of Biscay, the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands and much of the southern half. In the cities of Seville or Granada, in the extreme north and east of Andalucia, even 25 degrees is reached. Those are temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees above normal. 

A similar Sunday 

The weather on Sunday will not differ much from the day before. In the Mediterranean and Balearic Islands, remnants of instability will still be seen, with some milder showers. However, a new front is approaching Galicia and will bring rain there, especially in the west of this region. In the rest, it is partly cloudy and there are again fog banks. Temperatures don’t vary too much either. 

As early as Monday, the front that entered Galicia the day before will disappear. The rains will be more abundant in the Bay of Biscay, the Pyrenees and the vicinity of the central system, ie in the south of Castilla y León and the north of Extremadura. 

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