Finnair makes Malaga its main destination in Spain

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Malaga airport Finnair

Finnair has chosen to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its flights to Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport by making Málaga its top destination in Spain. This year, the Finnish airline will increase its capacity to Málaga by 17% compared to the reference year of 2019.

Finnair plans to operate 11 flights per week in the summer and 10 in the winter, making Málaga the Spanish city with the most frequent connections from Helsinki.

Enhanced connectivity

Javier Roig, Finnair’s Market Director for Europe, highlighted in SUR that connections to Málaga are “better” than those the company offers to Madrid and Barcelona, which receive one daily flight in both winter and summer. This enhanced connectivity underscores Málaga’s importance as a travel hub for Finnair.

Cogesa Expats

Significant Finnish community

One of the key reasons for this operational boost is the presence of a significant Finnish community in Fuengirola, a town near Málaga. Approximately 8,000 Finnish residents live in this area, making it a logical and strategic decision for Finnair to increase its flight frequencies to Málaga.

With this expansion, Finnair aims to cater better to the travel needs of both tourists and the Finnish expatriate community in the Costa del Sol region, solidifying Málaga’s status as a prime destination for travellers from Helsinki.


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