FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar Spain v Costa Rica

by Lorraine Williamson
FIFA World Cup

QATAR – So far in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there have been many controvercial decisions, sponsors´agreements changed, and alleged threats of yellow cards (or worse) for any player wearing a “One Love” armband. There have also been reports of fans being refused entry due to wearing “rainbow” hats. On the football side, there have also been shock defeats for favourites Argentina and Germany.

On Monday, the England team didn´t disappoint, but they did take the decision not to wear the “One Love” arm bands and they previously planned. Moreover, they won their 6-2 game against Iran with ease. Goals came from J Bellingham (35´), B Saka (43´, 62´), R Sterling (45+1´), M Rashford (71´), and J Grealish (90´).S

FIFA World Cup – Spain v Costa Rica

Tonight (Wednesday November 23), in front of King Felipe VI, Spain kicked off their FIFA World Cup campaign against Costa Rica at the Al Thumana Stadium in Qatar.

Within the first few minutes, Spain already had a serious attempt at goal. In the 6th minute, the Costa Rican Goalkeeper seemed to lift his body over the ball in front of the net. However, the ball from Olmor just went wide in the end.

Another near miss came a few minutes later, when a ball from Maro Asensio just inched past the side of the post. But then it came! Just after the 11th minute, Olmor scored.

España 1 – 0 Costa Rica

Number 2 for Spain came after 20 minutes for Asensio as he fired the ball dead centre into the goal.

A bad tackle in the box on Jordi Alba after the 28th minute meant he was awarded a penalty. Alba stepped up, sent the Goalkeeper to the right, and just slipped the ball into the left hand corner.

Cogesa Expats

Costa Rica then got a free kick from the right wing, but it failed to make any impact. The Costa Rican side had very few chances against Spain.

Stoppage time

Five minutes of stoppage time were added to the first half. But for the last while, the match was just a passing game with no real action. However, in the final minute of added time, Asencio had another good chance. But it finished 3-0 for Spain.

Second half

The first 10 minutes of the second half were non eventful. That was until Ferran scored the 4th goal for Spain. Number 5 came for Gavi after 78 minutes. Number 6 for Carlos Soler as he connected with a rebound and sent it straight and centre.

Added time

Eight minutes were added, and 2 minutes in, the 7th goal came. This time, a perfect 1-2 between Olmo and Morata resulted in the goal for Morata. With under 2 minutes remaining, a free kick was awarded to Spain just outside the box. However, it was deflected, and the 8th goal was denied.

The game finished

España 7 – 0 Costa Rica

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Spain are next up against Germany on Sunday November 27 at 8.00 pm. England play againt the USA on Friday November 25 also at 8.00 pm. And Wales also play on the 25th against Iran. For full coverage of matches click here.

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