Eleven British drivers reported speeding up to 226 kilometers per hour

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British drivers caught speeding in Spain driving Nissan GTRs

The Civil Guard opened an investigation into two British drivers who were driving high-end cars at 223 and 226 kilometres per hour on the A-62 highway, near Fuentes de Oñoro (Salamanca). They also denounced nine other British drivers that were circulating at that time reaching speeds between 175 and 206 kilometres per hour.

According to sources from the Salamanca Command, the cars belonged to a Nissan owners’ clubs. All the vehicles were the same GT-R model. At that time, they were crossing the Iberian Peninsula to Lisbon (Portugal).

The events occurred last Wednesday, at approximately 10am. The Salamanca Guardia Civil learned several high-end vehicles with British registrations were circulating at high speeds on the A-62 (Burgos- Portugal), in the direction of Portugal.

Speed control device launched

For this reason, the Guardia launched a speed control device on the A-62 at the municipality of Fuentes de Oñoro. This was in order to “detect and notify speed violations that were allegedly being committed.”

In this way, agents detected eleven vehicles travelling at speeds between 175 and 226 kilometres per hour. The agents intercepted all the vehicles before the border crossing with Portugal.

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