Eighteen arrested from Dominican Don´t Play (DPP) gang in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Dominican Don´t Play arrested

The Policia Nacional have arrested 18 youths from the Latino gang Dominican Don´t Play (DPP). A fight began outside a nightclub in the Aluche neighbourhood of Madrid in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Four of those arrested had been stabbed and were taken to hospital under police escort. The most seriously injured was a 27-year-old man with stab wounds to his back and arm. Two others aged 18 and 19 were also among the 4 admitted. However, the other wounded 18-year-old was discharged from hospital.

Police sources confirmed to EFE that all the detainees are young, 8 of them minors, and there were also 2 women.

DDP power struggle

According to El Pais, all those arrested are from the Latino gang Dominican Don’t Play (DDP). Furthermore, as reported, it appears the fight could have been part of a power struggle between members of the same gang albeit from different neighbourhoods. It is thought the fight which spread out into the surrounding streets was between DDP gang members from the Campamento neighbourhood (Latina district) and those from the Ciudad Lineal district area.

Cogesa Expats

Moreover, both these districts are included in the government action plan against youth gangs. The action plan included increased surveillance intended to help prevent such violent escalations.

Police were alerted to the situation after receiving phone calls at around 4.00 am on Saturday. After arrests were made, they located numerous weapons in and around the nightclub on Escalona street including daggers, kitchen knives and machetes

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