Eight stolen luxury vehicles intercepted in Algeciras port

by Lorraine Williamson
luxury vehicles

ALGECIRAS – The Spanish Tax Agency‘s Risk Analysis Unit (ULAR), working alongside the Guardia Civil´s Fiscal and Border Company at the port of Algeciras, has successfully intercepted luxury vehicles stolen from the United States. These vehicles were discovered in four containers that arrived from the port of Newark, New Jersey.

The routine control, identification, and inspection of containers at the Algeciras container terminal led to the detection of discrepancies between the declared contents and the actual cargo. After a meticulous analysis, four containers were flagged for further inspection.

Eight luxury vehicles uncovered

Upon opening the containers, agents uncovered eight luxury vehicles with a combined market value exceeding €390,000. Subsequent verifications, conducted in collaboration with US authorities, confirmed that the vehicles had been reported stolen in the United States.

The seized vehicles are set to be returned to their rightful owners in the US. The operation’s findings and related documentation have been submitted to the judicial authority for further proceedings.

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