Eight out of ten Spaniards plan to stay in Spain this summer

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Spaniards plan to stay in Spain for summer holidays

81% of Spaniards plan to stay in Spain during their summer holidays. 74% worry about travelling abroad as a result of the pandemic. The lack of information about restrictions in other countries plays a role in their choice.

The figures emerge from a survey carried out by navigation system manufacturer TomTom. 76% of those questioned feel they have too little information on restrictions that apply in other countries. 61% also say they would not mind staying in Spain this summer, if it means there is more freedom to travel abroad again in 2022.

Ready for a holiday

The survey results also show Spaniards are eager to enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday, with only 14% considering not going on holiday this summer. Over half, 55%, say they do not want to go because of fear of the pandemic.

In the car

The car remains the favourite means of transport for Spaniards, no less than 73% say they consider the car the safest means of transport during the pandemic. In total, 83% of Spaniards expect to go on holiday by car. Freedom and flexibility are important arguments for choosing the car for 57% of those surveyed.

Cogesa Expats

More and more Spaniards trust navigation solutions to reach their destination safely and comfortably. In fact, 56% of Spaniards believe driving with a browser or mobile app is safer and 59% use navigation applications to reach their holiday destination.

Andalucia favourite

The favourite destination for a car holiday in the country is Andalucia, according to 37% of those surveyed. The southern region is followed by Galicia and Valencia (16%), Asturias (15%) and Catalonia (14%).

As so many Spaniards plan to stay in Spain this summer, the tourism industry will receive a much-needed boost.

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