Delay of vaccination for children in Andalucia

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Vaccination for children delayed in Andalucia

Jesus Aguirre, the Andalucian Government’s Minister of Health and Families,  believes the rollout of the vaccination for children aged between five and eleven will be delayed; probably until early November.

Whilst speaking to journalists in Cordoba, Mr Aguirre explained “we are pending authorisation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to vaccinate schoolchildren. Once it is authorised, the approval of the Spanish Medicines Agency will be awaited; something that will be addressed in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System”.

Closure of large vaccination centres

Mr Aguirre, together with Javier Imbroda, the Minister of Education and Sports, was visiting the hospital classroom of the Reina Sofía University Hospital.

He continued, “As soon as it is feasible, operative, and with a timely clinical indication we will begin to vaccinate the schoolchildren as soon as possible”. He calculated that to be “about early November”.

Regarding the closure of large vaccination centres, Aguirre indicated “the volume of vaccinations is decreasing significantly; because 89.1% of the entire target population has both vaccination doses.

“This is the reason why vaccination is being carried out in universities, concerts and public squares with mobile units, instead of having it centralised in large spaces to which very few people already go”.

Call for vaccination

Once again, Aguirre made the call for vaccination. He said, “Although the figures are very high, we have to try to reach 100%; so the entire Andalucian population is vaccinated. This would be a guarantee of success”.

In conclusion, the minister referred to a study of the counselling on preventable deaths since the vaccine was rolled out. He said it has seen “the volume of deaths decreasing in relation to the number of positives”.

“The number of preventable deaths thanks to vaccination is more than 5,000. If it is not for you, for that person you love, get vaccinated,” he added.

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