December 3 – Dia de Navarra

by Lorraine Williamson
Día de Navarra

NAVARRA – Today marks a very special day for Navarra. December 3 is día de Navarra.

December 3 (Día de Navarra) is a holiday throughout the territory of the Community as it celebrates the feast of its patron, San Francisco Javier. This special day was approved by the Parliament of Navara through Foral Law 18/1995.


Today, Navarra celebrates festivities for the day of their community. It is a holiday in the region, with some taking the Puente (bridge) holiday until December 8.


This tradition dates to 1622 when the Diputación del Reino de Navarra adopted the patron shortly after his canonisation. Then in 1657, Pope Alexander VII declared San Fermin and San Francisco Javier should be co-patrons of Navarra. Consequently, he declared both festivals mandatory.

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Furthermore, from 1767, the celebration took place in the Parish of San Saturnino in Pamplona. In 1836, The Navarra Provincial Council agreed to continue with this celebration. Although, at the end of the 19th century, it was moved to the last Sunday in November.

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However, from 1916, once again, it was celebrated on its rightful date of December 3. It stopped being classed as an official holiday during the Second Republic. Then, since 1935, it was celebrated as a holiday again. In 1946, the official mass was moved to the Cathedral of Pamplona, and in 1979, to the Basilica of Javier Castle. This is in the area where it is thought the patron lived.

Official tweets

Pedro Sanchez made an official Tweet for the people of Navarra, “Navarra celebrates its big day today. A hopeful day to vindicate all that has been achieved and to continue advancing for a promising future for this land: egalitarian, innovative, fair, and plural. Congratulations to all Navarrese women and men!”

The government of Navarra also Tweeted to commemorate this day, Today, December 3, the feast of San Francisco Javier, we commemorate Navarra Day. Congratulations to our entire community and to the Navarrese and Navarrese who live outside our land.

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