“Cyber-retail” criminal organisation busted

by Lorraine Williamson
"cyber-retail" drugs bust - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egQWjNCl59A

MADRID – The Policia Nacional has dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to “cyber-retail”. Fourteen people have been arrested.

Of the fourteen arrested in Madrid and Galicia, three have been imprisoned so far.

“Cyber-retail” drugs

The organisation managed a network of around 27 different web pages. This was for the sole purpose of selling drugs online. Furthermore, the “cyber-retail” sales went beyond Spain with international sales as well as national. They shipped drugs ordered online to Portugal, Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the UK.

On the websites, they offered mainly marijuana and hashish.

Cogesa Expats

Other drugs by other outlets

However, in addition to what the criminal gang offered online, they also had a secret stash of other drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, and ecstasy. These were not available through their “cyber-retail” outlets as they were only offered by phone or through personal contacts.

Webpage discovered

The investigation began when police became aware of the existence of a webpage that was selling marijuana and hashish online. As the investigation continued, it was found to be a much bigger organisation than just one webpage. In fact, there were nearly 30 pages in total.

Marijuana plantations

In the Community of Madrid, two marijuana plantations have been seized. Allegedly, these plantations supplied the organisation. However, they have been dismantled by the national police. During the raid, other substances and effects were seized, including €35,000 in cash.

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