Covering breasts is “sexualisation” and “discrimination”

by Lorraine Williamson
sexualisation and discrimination

BARCELONA – The Department of Equality and Feminism of the Catalan government last week published a video on social networks promoting topless, reporting that breast-covering in some places is “sexualisation” and “discrimination”. 

The regional government wants to remind women that ‘topless is a right’. In the video states: “The sexualisation of women starts when they are small and follows us throughout our lives. That we have to cover our breasts in some areas is an example,” it sounds. 

“That we have to cover our chests is discrimination. On world #topless day we demand the liberation of our bodies #NormalityFeminist”, it continues. 

In the video (to be seen here), a very young girl appears who is already wearing her bikini top, despite being far from puberty. Also shown is a male, uncovered breast that reads “this nipple is free” and another of a woman, covered with her hand, which reads “and this one is not”. 

On social networks such as Instagram, the bare chest, including nipples, of a male body is not censored, but the content is removed if a woman’s nipple appears. 

Cogesa Expats


The video was distributed through the ministry’s account and the campaign has the hashtag #NormalitatFeminista (feminist normality). In addition, the regional Minister for Equality and Feminism, Tania Verge, also published the video on her account. Here she added: “Never again will a woman be expelled from a room because she is a woman”. In doing so, she refers to places where women cannot go topless, such as in some swimming pools. 

Social Media Criticism 

Some users reacted negatively to the campaign. It was pointed out that the government is spreading contradictory messages. “The same government, two ministries (Culture and Equality and Feminism) led by the same party. Two contradictory messages. It is not normal to have to cover the breasts, but the whole body is.” 

Additionally, comments were shared saying they didn’t see the “pain of being sexualised.” What is evil, being sexualised? I understand less and less what sexualised means. And never, but never have I suffered any form of discrimination in academic, employment, economic, social or family areas. 

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