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MURCIA – Scandal within the regional government of Murcia!  Hundreds of senior officials and politicians falsely arranged a corona vaccine for themselves.  As a result, they deprived vaccines for the most vulnerable, including the elderly.

More than 450 senior officials, and members of the Regional Ministry of Health of Murcia including Regional Minister Manuel Villegas (PP) and his wife, received the corona vaccine.  However, according to the Spanish government’s priority target groups, it appears it was not their turn!

Major scandal within the Murcia regional government

Spanish news site, Voz Populí wrote on Wednesday, these people pushed the vaccination campaign.  However, older people and health care personnel – target groups that should have been priority – had not been vaccinated. The regional government of Murcia is talking of a major scandal. Regional President Fernando López Miras announced the resignation of his Minister of Health.

Political parties of Murcia demand the dismissal of the regional minister

Since rumours of this scandal circulated, Ciudadanos has been demanding the leader of the Partido Popular answer, El País wrote on Wednesday. A few hours after Villegas came to speak and explain to the regional ministry, other parties demanded his resignation. This was quickly confirmed by the regional president.

Earlier indignation had also arisen as various mayors in other Spanish regions had wrongly been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Murcia politicians believe they have done nothing wrong

Murcia’s regional president insisted that up to this point, Villega’s career and demeanor had been impeccable. Remarkably, neither the regional president nor the health minister admitted that their people had not adhered to the vaccination schedule. The reason for the dismissal was cited that the Murcia administration wished to prevent political chaos at a time when Murcia is heavily burdened by the corona pandemic.

The Spanish news site El Público writes that the Regional Minister of Health considers the vaccination of all officials and himself justified. He gave the reason for this that all these people – including the minister himself – work in healthcare and therefore belong to one of the priority groups.

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