Compulsory masking reconsidered

by Lorraine Williamson
compulsory masking

MADRID – In addition to the tourist sector, more and more autonomous regions have also expressed their objection to the compulsory masking. As a result, it will be re-examined next week. It is hoped the new masking law can be adjusted so that all regions can agree with it.

The Balearic Islands, Valencia, Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Cantabria also announced they did not support the new masking law. This would mean that from now until the end of the pandemic, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in all outdoor areas.

It would also mean the face must remain covered while on the beach and at the pool. A measure that has already generated great resistance from tourist organisations. Moreover, they worry tourists will therefore choose and alternative holiday destination in the summer.

No face mask on the beach of Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Valencia 

The council of the Balearic Islands has already indicated that it will not require face masks on the beach. As long as it is groups from one household. Sufficient distance can be kept from other sunbathers. However, the masking obligation would be maintained when members from a group come from different households. According to the sub-council, the new masks law does not explicitly state that national regulations would prevail over regional ones.

Cogesa Expats

The sub-authorities of the Canary Islands and Valencia have also indicated they will not adhere to the new masks rule on the beach. Valencia Regional President Ximo Puig said that face protection is not necessary as long as two metres distance is kept.

Catalan Health Minister Alba Vergés spoke of an “incoherent measure that no one understands”. And President Miguel Rodríguez of Cantabria also spoke of “a measure taken out of context”.

Health Minister Darias wants a measure that all regions comply 

Following the protests from various quarters against the face masks law, the central Ministry of Health has decided to reconsider the criteria for this new measure together with the autonomous regions. Minister Carolina Darias wants to make a new proposal in next week´s Inter-territorial Council that should lead to a more standardised measure that is better suited. The minister hopes to find a solution that will be followed by all Spanish regions.

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